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The Husband Thief

The Husband Thief is work-in-progress adult fiction trilogy about the complex narratives we tell ourselves when navigating lives, love and relationships. It witnesses the transformation of one woman from wife, mother and carer to someone who lets herself be engulfed by own dreams, ambitions and desires.


Book 1,
Anatomy of an Affair

A tale about the chaos that end of marriage brings, about how pervasive love and sex can be, and how the beige picket fence family dream, is not enough, can never be enough. When her plans for life become undone, Eve throws herself into the anticipation, compulsion and eventual implosion of an affair, as she becomes entangled with a married father of three, Jamie.

Her ability to clearly see the destructive wave of dreams lost coming to the shore of her life, but not accept her own part in it, make for a thrilling emotional journey. Eve’s self-destructive tendencies are wrapped in a familial curse triggered generations earlier, which makes her fate both mystical and fatalistic.


Can Eve overcome being unlucky in love by having a relationship with a married man?

Naked lying

Book 2,
Things Between

Divorced and emotionally embattled, Eve embarks on a series of sexual encounters, putting her life at risk while neglecting those she should care about the most. When swirling in the depths of the self-destructive abyss, Eve becomes involved with a close family friend, Lionel.


Despite her best intentions to straighten out her life, nothing is what it seems, and Eve finds herself entangled in a web of toxic compulsions and lies. With the men around her interested in women as instruments for self-fulfillment, Eve’s notion of romantic love and hope for a happy life are thwarted.


But is it true that what goes down, must eventually go back up?


Book 3,
Leopards Don't Change Stripes 

Eve meets the 'love of her life', Nathan, a single, manipulative narcissist with a penchant for exploiting women. The shy and vain Nathan finds himself compelled by Eve’s innocent and complete devotion to him. Engrossed by her attention, Nathan lets Eve see his true,if ugly, self.

Both, having had experienced trauma in the past, Eve and Nathan form a passionate and endearing bond that goes beyond sexual attraction. But this tale of push and pull, of love, sex, and desperate want of a happy life, will see the lovers wrestle over conflicting ambitions and desires.

Will their passion be enough to tame each other and their convoluted circumstances?

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