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The Stranger In Me

A ménage à trois produces strange undercurrents


I open a door to an apartment I know well, pretending I don’t know it at all. Her petite frame stands in the middle of the lounge, looking unsure, squeezing a glass of sparkling wine so hard, she’s at risk of crushing it in her palm.

You stand next to her. The room is illuminated by many lamps glowing with the dimmed purple light I know you like to fuck to.

“Lila, this is Eve.”

Erotic Review, Dec 2021

The Stranger in Me, Pablo Picasso, Angel Fernandez de Soto with a Woman

We're naked in the morning light, exposes to the air, to the leaves, to the gazing trees.


A  black crow jumps around a paper bark tree, pulling bugs out its flaking grooves in a morning light that has barely picked over the suburban fences. I watch the crow from my kitchen window as I wait. Its elegant, measured movements contrast sharply with the nerves ripping through my stomach.


My husband and the boys are asleep. Since you haven’t texted this morning, I’m in a raspberry-coloured nightie when you appear at my back door in a bike top and shorts that cling cleanly to your body.

“Give me a minute.”

Erotic Review, Jul 2022

No Kissing,
No Fucking

No Kissing, No Fucking, Pablo Picasso, Two Figures and a Cat

The Summer of Clarence Pt 1

Part 1_edited.jpg

Temptation proves irresistible when youth meets experience. The beauty and lustre of the new melts into the older object of desire, with unforeseen consequences. 


The sight of his natural and ungroomed body, and his now fully engorged cock, traps my breath somewhere deep in my throat. But it’s not his size that makes my breath hitch, rather his straightness and girth and the perfect roundness of his tip. The outright exquisiteness of his young cock suddenly makes me feel self-conscious.


I wish I had drawn the curtains more tightly, but it’s too late now as both the flimsy window coverings and the cover are letting sun-rays light up every confronting detail of my ageing body.


But if this bothers me, it doesn’t seem to bother Clarence. He slides his fingers deep inside me, moving them around my wetness and soft flesh, letting me forget all my insecurities.

Lickerish Library, Aug 2023

An older woman and a younger man… coming back for more. The age-old story plays itself out against a backdrop of nightclubs, heat and darkness, and the realisation that forbidden fruit is sometimes the most delicious.


‘No need to apologise.” I go to stand-up but his thigh pins me down, while a dark figure crosses the floor from the far end of the room and sits on the other side of him. She slides a shapely hand, adorned with a large silver ring over his shoulder to brush my cheek. Her eyes smile as she puts her other hand over Clarences face, which he sucks softly. I feel my insides inflame and Clarence’s groin stiffen against me. Like clockwork, he kisses the gifted hand, licking its fingers, letting them push deep into his throat. 

Alicia, who was out of sight until now, sits down next to the dark figure, who immediately turns to obliterate her face and neck with kisses. I see the two of them follow the motion of the lights, curving into each other in the dense space. Their kisses are like delicate petals that skim their mouths, leaving gushing impressions on my cousin’s face I had never expect to see there. The stranger reaches under Alicia’s leather jacket, clasping her full breasts attentively. There seem in no rush, their gliding gestures with which they intertwine their legs, becoming one with each other, melting, leaving only the stranger’s silver ring sparkling in the darkness.

Publication and date:

Lickerish Library, Sep 2023

The Sumer of Clarence Pt 2

Part 2.jpg
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