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The Summer of Clarence Pt 1

Part 1_edited.jpg

Temptation proves irresistible when youth meets experience. The beauty and lustre of the new melts into the older object of desire, with unforeseen consequences. 


The sight of his natural and ungroomed body, and his now fully engorged cock, traps my breath somewhere deep in my throat. But it’s not his size that makes my breath hitch, rather his straightness and girth and the perfect roundness of his tip. The outright exquisiteness of his young cock suddenly makes me feel self-conscious.


I wish I had drawn the curtains more tightly, but it’s too late now as both the flimsy window coverings and the cover are letting sun-rays light up every confronting detail of my ageing body.


But if this bothers me, it doesn’t seem to bother Clarence. He slides his fingers deep inside me, moving them around my wetness and soft flesh, letting me forget all my insecurities.

Lickerish Library, Aug 2023

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